2 Questions

Today…it was the third time…I streamed the documentary to see it…and then I did the same mistake again… I somehow recalled all the news about it…I recalled all the details I read about things that were done to her… and “thought” about the agony she might have faced in reality!!!

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what?? why??? blah blah blah…..

Its been a few years since i came to know about blogging. When i first heard about it…about how people “do blogging” i felt “sounds interesting… i should try it” and since then began my journey of thinking ki blog mein likhte kya hain…???? 

Since then i have read many blogs…all seem quite different…but still am unable to understand that how can someone choose a particular topic and then write a couple of paragraphs…or even pages about that thing. Though i can proudly say that i am not at the same place i was 4 years back wrt blogging…i have discovered entirely new category of questions which can be titled by one word…WHY???? why is it that people go for blogging?
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