The Journey


Travelling alone from Jabalpur to Rajkot, which is 28 hour ride by train, and that too when your ticket is under RAC (you only have half of the seat) definitely leaves you with a lot of time!

And so, I was fully prepared to confront those 28 hours…I had a phone with two seasons of Lost, 3 movies, more than 1000 unsolved Kakuro and Sudoku puzzles, a fully charged 13000 mAh power bank, a charger, and quite a lot of songs, and of course a book on Sociology, which I knew I might not even open! And of course I planned on spending some quality time on whatsapp as it’s been long since I had a chat with many of my friends!

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Last Words…

Kids, I have seen some really good times…there was a time when men and women…children and elderly…all used to flock around me and even fight with each other just to be with me! It was the golden era for me, when rather than listening or talking to anyone else, all used to silently sit around me and hear what all I had to say.

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Valentine’s day… a day of love…of care…and maybe lots more…I am no poet who could write a beautiful poem on this day for you…nor am I any artist…who could paint and tell how beautiful u make my day..

 I am just an ordinaryman…doing a government job…being transferred from place to place…and I just want to convey how I feel about you…

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Past Month!! (5/12-5/01)

Well there has been a lot happening over everywhere in the last one month…and same has been the case with me…a lot happening over in the last month.. 

It was just quite “diverse”…jitney smileys possible hain..i guess saare 1 hi month mein experience kar liye!!

There has been times for which using words like fun… exciting… happy… amazing… awesome… satisfying… relaxing… etc would less…but in the same month…there have been instances which were frustrating… boring… sad… depressing… tiring… irritating… scary and GOD knows what all!!! Continue reading

The First Day of Job @ Mumbai!!

0600 hours: The beginning of the day

The day began with a lot of assumptions and expectations. Assumptions about the journey in local, about time required; expectations about role allotment, accommodation availability, blah blah blah…the list seems endless…The departure from house accompanied by paying 10 bucks for 100 meters!!..then as expected..a big queue for ticket…Although the thought that this standing in line is not going to be permanent was quite a relief. But then I got my first surprise for the day: I was easily able to get in the train and there were even vacant seats for quite a lot of time!! Next surprise was almost instantaneous…the ease of getting a bus from VT to WTC..the BOD for us was although not much eventful…introduction…understanding some policies…introduction…then the most important task…getting snacks and lunch coupons…and offcourse eating… 😀 😀

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