Land of a Million Goddesses!!!

Various top economists and bankers in India have been saying that the key to overall and robust economic development lies in development of nation as a whole rather than a limited segment of people. All are talking about financial inclusion! But I guess, something more important at this time would be social inclusion! After all, economy is just like a mega structure, which might be easily shattered if the social foundation is not strong enough!! Continue reading

A Drop of Tear…

“Chup ho jao…achhe bachhe nahi rote..”
“Don’t say anything to her…she is just a crybaby..”
“Rotlu kahin ka…baat baat par rote rehta hai…”
Am sure…everyone must have come across or maybe even said something like this to somebody or for someone…All this surely depicts how much people detest crying…how people who cry often are looked down to…after all tears are something that reflect weakness!!
To think of it; what is crying? As per Wikipedia Crying is “Shedding tears as a response to an emotional state in humans”. I can safely assume that the Wikipedia is never wrong when it comes to definition! Thus when tears are just a messenger of emotions, then why are they assassinated every time they try to convey something?
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Junk Call- Junk??

Yesterday while I was thinking about how inconvenient it is to travel in a crowded train in a hot and humid climate… a lady with 2 girls of age about 2 & 6 boarded the train and started chanting a bhajan. The younger girl looked ashen and was half asleep in lady’s arms and the elder one went from person to person begging and then when refused…even touching their feet..!!! By the time the girl came to me I got a call…and frankly…I was relieved that now I can pretend to be busy on call and that would definitely help me avoid the little one!
The caller ID displayed +91140xxxxxx…I could easily make out that this is some junk call…still…seeing the need of the hour I answered it…

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Hence Proved….

Theorem 1: “insaan ka mann jab shaant hota hai…jab dil aur dimag mein koi hulchul na ho…tab wo bhagwaan ke sabse kareeb hota hai” bole to “a person is closest to GOD when peace lies within”. I guess many would have heard this quote being said by “n” number of babas and mahatmas and sadhus. Doesn’t this mean that peace and lack of chaos signifies HIM, His divine presence?
Theorem 2: “GOD is omnipresent”…bhgwaan har jagah hai. Yet another statement told by all the major hotshots in the industry of religion. And not just any particular religion, but almost all (as far as my limited knowledge goes…no offense to anyone)
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Valentine’s day… a day of love…of care…and maybe lots more…I am no poet who could write a beautiful poem on this day for you…nor am I any artist…who could paint and tell how beautiful u make my day..

 I am just an ordinaryman…doing a government job…being transferred from place to place…and I just want to convey how I feel about you…

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Past Month!! (5/12-5/01)

Well there has been a lot happening over everywhere in the last one month…and same has been the case with me…a lot happening over in the last month.. 

It was just quite “diverse”…jitney smileys possible hain..i guess saare 1 hi month mein experience kar liye!!

There has been times for which using words like fun… exciting… happy… amazing… awesome… satisfying… relaxing… etc would less…but in the same month…there have been instances which were frustrating… boring… sad… depressing… tiring… irritating… scary and GOD knows what all!!! Continue reading

The First Day of Job @ Mumbai!!

0600 hours: The beginning of the day

The day began with a lot of assumptions and expectations. Assumptions about the journey in local, about time required; expectations about role allotment, accommodation availability, blah blah blah…the list seems endless…The departure from house accompanied by paying 10 bucks for 100 meters!!..then as expected..a big queue for ticket…Although the thought that this standing in line is not going to be permanent was quite a relief. But then I got my first surprise for the day: I was easily able to get in the train and there were even vacant seats for quite a lot of time!! Next surprise was almost instantaneous…the ease of getting a bus from VT to WTC..the BOD for us was although not much eventful…introduction…understanding some policies…introduction…then the most important task…getting snacks and lunch coupons…and offcourse eating… 😀 😀

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what?? why??? blah blah blah…..

Its been a few years since i came to know about blogging. When i first heard about it…about how people “do blogging” i felt “sounds interesting… i should try it” and since then began my journey of thinking ki blog mein likhte kya hain…???? 

Since then i have read many blogs…all seem quite different…but still am unable to understand that how can someone choose a particular topic and then write a couple of paragraphs…or even pages about that thing. Though i can proudly say that i am not at the same place i was 4 years back wrt blogging…i have discovered entirely new category of questions which can be titled by one word…WHY???? why is it that people go for blogging?
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