Ok…bbye…good night… and haan…do stay in touch..!!
On this note Ambrish ended our conversation… a conversation dated around 2-3 years back…and since then we have been busy in dealing with our individual problems… or maybe enjoying the things that came our way… or maybe something else… however  “do stay in touch” faded away somewhere…

Some time back I saw some photos he uploaded…clicked a like on photos that were visible…and a like on the album and thought “nice photos…I will see the album once I am done checking my notifications” and that’s it…apparently I am still not done “checking my notifications”!
Today…a friend…saurabh called me…someone who was in touch with me (thanks to a whatsapp group he added me in…else I would not have been in touch with him also!). It was a pleasant surprise to see a call from him. I answered the call and he asked me… “Did you hear about Ambrish?” That one little sentence was enough to give me an idea of what I am about to hear!
After talking to Saurabh, I called a couple of more friends, who I thought were in touch with Ambrish… they knew more (than me) but both of them felt “yaar use to touch me hi nahi the kaafi time se”. I don’t know if this is irony or not, but even I was not in touch with these two friends since quite long! I talked to friends I was not in touch with…just to know about some other friend with whom I lost “touch”… forever!!!
People rightly say…life moves on… today I am feeling bad about not being in touch with him..if not anything else, I could just have been a friend who texts…”long time…how is everything?” but then I know…life will move on for me…and who am I…it has to move on even for his family!!!
Today…we have the option of staying in touch with ALL our classmates of schools or college or colleagues or neighbors or whomever we can think of! But somehow we fail in exercising that option. And then one fine day it comes as a realization that its too late to stay in touch with that one friend…!!!
Today when I talked to these three friends…there was a part of me that felt good…a part of ME…with which I myself lost touch…maybe it was the child in me who spent some really good time with these friends…or maybe it was the peace that I used to have as a kid!? I don’t know…I know it somehow felt good
I know it is a process of life…or as some people say…it is the ultimate truth! Some such incidents have happened in past and as life moves on…more will happen in future…I just hope it is not something we get used to! I know…not being able to stay in touch with many reflects my inabilities or shortcomings… But…I feel…still feeling the need to stay in touch…at some level assures me…that there is still some hope left…hope for that child within me who likes to relive his good old memories time and again!
Looking at my track record of keeping in “touch”… I know I am not the right person to say this…but still I feel like saying… “Do keep in touch!”

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