2 Questions

Today…it was the third time…I streamed the documentary to see it…and then I did the same mistake again… I somehow recalled all the news about it…I recalled all the details I read about things that were done to her… and “thought” about the agony she might have faced in reality!!!

Somehow after all those thoughts I could not click the play button…just fearing what I might “feel” after watching that documentary! I know…that SHE actually went through all that and I somehow fear the thought of just listening to it again! I know…this is not something to be proud of!

I have read the reviews of people who were enraged about the comments some lawyers made. There were streams of #angry #sad #disappointed posts on facebook…twitter…etc. but then what?

Maybe 16th December was the incident which got so “hyped” up by so many protests and hashtags that the then government had to do something to save their face! Why was it so much hyped up? Was it the heights of gruesomeness or was it the coverage of media or was it the bleeding heart of so many people??

If it was gruesomeness then there have been other such cases after 16th December also…but none of them got so much attention or fast-tracking of judgment! And off course I know about these cases (that something similar happened) because media was kind enough to bring these cases to light! If it was the bleeding heart of so many people, then what happened to those hearts when other such cases came to light?? And as there were no such protests (or protests were not highlighted) our kindest authorities functioned in their usual way!

So…here is my first question…

Is there any other starter other than mass protests that our authorities start functioning in a bit more diligent way?

Offcourse many might just say for my previousquestion…that “if that’s how authorities in your country function…then why not do it for all the cases?” Well, ideally…we are the citizens of this country and we should take the responsibility for improving the conditions here! True!

BUT when it comes to implementation…I am afraid of organizing a protest because I might be termed as nuisance creator and be arrested….I am afraid of getting hit by police in a lathi charge…I am afraid of spending my precious time on “others” when there is so much I am yet to do for myself…and then I am afraid of losing my job if I go for protest for every assault that comes in my knowledge! (There is an assault every 20 minutes and thanks to media…atleast one of them is covered in a day!)

Thus…here is my second question…

Is there any way, by which I (a normal middle class citizen) can get rid of my fears…so that I can be able enough to push the authorities to act as they did for 16th December case?

I hope atleast someone helps me find the answer!!



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