Last Words…

Kids, I have seen some really good times…there was a time when men and women…children and elderly…all used to flock around me and even fight with each other just to be with me! It was the golden era for me, when rather than listening or talking to anyone else, all used to silently sit around me and hear what all I had to say.

But then, suddenly people started abusing me…they started calling me ‘an idiot box’. It was at that time when I decided that I will not let the same thing happen to you guys! I made sure that you…my future generations are neither boxes…nor idiots! You are now smart and sleek! Also, I must say, that I am really proud of what you all have achieved! You have taken my skills and capabilities to a whole new level. In my time, my kingdom was limited to living room or at max bedrooms of a house, but you guys have reached almost everywhere! Be it a park, a restaurant, a club, street, or even a toilet!!
I really love the way you have gained the acceptance and respect of all your subjects! Giving away a lollypop of “Staying Connected” was a brilliant idea. Now everyone feels they are “connected” to everyone around the world, but they have no clue about who their neighbors are! Your offer was like a devil’s deal…you offered them boundary less connectivity with anyone and everyone in the world…virtual world…and created a bubble surrounding them…showing them only what they want to see and slowly disconnected them from the real world!
Now, even when these people are at parties with “frineds”, like an obedient slave, they check in where ever they are, tell about the people they are with and even send you their photos as a proof!
You know, what really is funny…I used to see in some of the old shows, that these maharajas used to clap and a slave came running to them. Now you have reached the same level, you just have to say “ping” and these people come running to you!
I remember the time, when chatting used to mean a bunch of people getting together and sharing a laugh, a couple talking looking in each other’s eyes, a mother holding hands of her child while telling a story or a father giving some advice to his son. I used to feel so neglected at that time! No one bothered to look towards me and I used to sit quietly in one corner! But now, you have redefined the word chat and the only thing people now touch while chatting is you…now, while talking, rather than looking in someone’s eyes, people prefer straining their own eyes… only thing they listen to is your ping…and only way they laugh is by typing “lol” or “rofl” or “hahaha”. You have even saved this world from the choruses these people used to sing in croaked voices…as now they prefer sending high definition songs to each other rather than singing themselves!!!
But remember one thing; having a strong kingdom requires team work! For me, I had a limited region in control, so I could do it just with the help of cable, but you guys now need help of more friends such as dish, broadband, wifi, facebook, whatsapp, twitter, etc. I need not tell this, but still just to make sure, I will give you a piece of advice: Always maintain good terms with all these friends but never get stuck to any of them. If my son LCD would have been stuck to cable, or if any of you smart phones would have been stuck to gtalk or orkut, you would have lost all your empire long back! So, always keep looking for more such friends who could help you consolidate your empire!!
Anyways…enough of advices and stories..!!! I would just like to say that I am really happy to see that gone are the days when we were being used by humans as per their convenience. Now we are no more a utility, but a necessity for them! We have gained the power of keeping them alone and keeping them awake till late in the night. Thank you kids…thank you for letting me see such a time. May connectivity bless you all!!
With love
Your Great Grandfather
Box TV


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