A Drop of Tear…

“Chup ho jao…achhe bachhe nahi rote..”
“Don’t say anything to her…she is just a crybaby..”
“Rotlu kahin ka…baat baat par rote rehta hai…”
Am sure…everyone must have come across or maybe even said something like this to somebody or for someone…All this surely depicts how much people detest crying…how people who cry often are looked down to…after all tears are something that reflect weakness!!
To think of it; what is crying? As per Wikipedia Crying is “Shedding tears as a response to an emotional state in humans”. I can safely assume that the Wikipedia is never wrong when it comes to definition! Thus when tears are just a messenger of emotions, then why are they assassinated every time they try to convey something?
For example, we all know that having unsatisfied/ angry/ complaining customers is not good for any business. But if, somehow there is some such customer, then ignoring him is the worst strategy!!! I feel; same is the case with tears. Developing an emotional state which leads to crying might display weakness, but then putting a plug on tears and ignoring the developing frustration is worse!
The emotion which leads to crying or frustration is a really dangerous one!!! It totally blurs our thinking process, introduces a lot of loud banging noises and disturbance in our head and fills our mind in such a way that we feel like we are sinking within!! The best thing to be done at such time is to defog our brain and thoughts, shout out the noises and pump the excess fluid out in form of tears which is causing us to sink! Once the clarity of thoughts is restored, we can easily analyse what lead to the malfunction and then deal with that problem accordingly.
What If, we hold on to the sentiments of crying and frustration rather than throwing them out? I guess, in such a case these feelings start feeling at home in our mind and then invite over other friends like hatred, envy, etc. and slowly fills us up with all the negativity possible!!
In childhood, when we are yet to learn “how to behave” in this world, we loudly cry out all our feelings..be it hunger, anger, sadness…anything.  Slowly we start to learn that we should not cry or shout for everything and we learn to speak; to speak out our feelings. We start hearing the above mentioned quotes and are taught how these emotions blemish a person’s image! Thus sometimes we, instead of dealing with those weaknesses, start hiding them in order to pretend to be strong or “cool”. And thus starts the process of corrupting ourselves!!
Just try and tease a toddler, he might start crying after a while, and then within few minutes he would be back to enjoying your company. Whereas, in our case, the grownups, even if we are hurt, it is mostly a fake smile on face along with thoughts like “how can he/she do that to me!!” or “I need to teach that ******** a lesson”
That’s not all!! Suppressing the emotions within also attracts ailments like hypertension, cholesterol, cardiac and brain problems, BP problems and GOD knows what all!! I am not saying “A cry a day, keeps such ailments away”, but then it does help! Sometimes, if required, people are forced to cry so as to avoid any physical internal damage due to some emotional trauma! After all, crying has always been a source of celebration when it comes to new life, then why make it a taboo!!!??? 
Here, I am not interested in finding “101 benefits of crying”, but what I am perplexed about is that why do we choose to look or act “cool” when it comes at a cost which effects both, our body and soul! We, focus so much of our energy in manipulating or hiding our feelings that we fail to realize, that crying is just the final response of some emotional state. The real problem, I suppose, is why that emotional state developed in the first place!!?? Won’t it be better to channelize our energy in dealing with this issue rather than hiding the end result?
(Given a thought, it sounds similar to a kid hiding his exam results from his parents hoping they won’t come to know!!! For the kid, it might be the solution of his problem temporarily. But then when the truth is revealed (believe me…it never stays hidden!!)…everyone knows what would happen to that kid!! 😛 :P)


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