Hence Proved….

Theorem 1: “insaan ka mann jab shaant hota hai…jab dil aur dimag mein koi hulchul na ho…tab wo bhagwaan ke sabse kareeb hota hai” bole to “a person is closest to GOD when peace lies within”. I guess many would have heard this quote being said by “n” number of babas and mahatmas and sadhus. Doesn’t this mean that peace and lack of chaos signifies HIM, His divine presence?
Theorem 2: “GOD is omnipresent”…bhgwaan har jagah hai. Yet another statement told by all the major hotshots in the industry of religion. And not just any particular religion, but almost all (as far as my limited knowledge goes…no offense to anyone)
Now, keeping these two known facts/ theorems aside, what do we see when we have a look around us? Is everything systematic? Even if they are not systematic, are they in harmony with everything else? Leave apart things, is even good or bad systematically defined?
I might be a good person for someone, but still hated by someone else! And that someone else might be a good person for some third person! There might be someone whom I call, “gem of a person” and still there would be people for whom he/she is just another person! Also its a known fact that Nature/ behaviour of a person is not a pair of clothes that can be changed overnight; traits do remain the same, but still there is so much entropy in ways a person might be judged!!
Let’s talk about a short love story (or maybe a sequence of a love story). A guy proposed a girl, but “sadly” the girl (or the bi*ch, as per some of his friends), said no. But he kept in touch and proposed again..and again until the girl said yes! A happy ending..isnt it? Am sure there would be people who would call this guy “WOW!!! Soooo romantic” and then there would be another set of people, who would tag him as having no self respect! Same person….same scenario…same outcome..but two entirely different opinions…one offcourse good and another bad!
Good and bad are the two most common gestures or feelings (or whatever they are) used by people to describe various things/people etc. But their definition is different for different people! Another simple example: giving something to a beggar: someone might strongly object it, and someone might be in favour of such donations! Who is right? Who is the one having good thought process?
It’s said that there is a constant battle going on in this world between the right and the wrong, good and evil….but who’s right are we talking about here, what is good??? How come there is no systematic definition, soo much differences and high levels of chaos even when GOD is everywhere? So either GOD is not everywhere…or maybe HE has adopted Himself to this “ghor kalyug (as some might say)” and started enjoying this state of anarchy himself!! 😛
But then, if “kalyug” is the reason, then these scenarios did exist at time of Mahabharata and Ramayana also (assuming these are not just fictions)!! The time where the GOD himself had incarnated on earth, where the good and bad were so called clearly defined! But still there was “Karna”, who supported “bad” was enemy of “good” but was praised by “GOD”!! and then there was “Vibhishan” who supported “good”  but later on was hated by many and lead to the development of famous “ghar ka bhedi lanka dhaaye”. How come so much chaos existed even when GOD was already known and present in that situation!!? Bringing me back to Theorem 1..
I am no atheist who is doubting existence of the almighty! I have memorized few shloks and prayers…I do say “bhagwaan bacha lena” before entering any exam hall, pray religiously during any India-Pakistan match and jab bhi koi baat samajh na aaye then am among the first to say “GOD knows!!” I am just a person sitting idle on a Sunday, trying to think of things…things which I guess only “GOD KNOWS!!”


8 thoughts on “Hence Proved….

  1. I just love it!!!!!!! agreee with what u said… Life is all about your perception… Its your choice whether to see good or bad.. be postive or negative about something… we do gossip, we talk about others etc, yet hum kisi ka bura nahi chahte shayad kuch chahte honge…its all about people who are close to us.. agar kisi apne ke sath koi bura kar raha hai toh woh insan humare liye iss duniya ka sabse ganda insaan hogaa, ignoring the fact the same might be the case with the people from that persons side… woh log humare iss apne ko bura maan rahe honge… Sab moh maya hai.. kuch accha kuch bura nahi hota.. everything depends on situations..Whats goes around come back to you 🙂


    • jai ho!! 🙂
      anyways.u r quite right about the thoughts!
      its just the thought frame u use to judge others..a frame which in itself is not absolute!


  2. Some of the lines reminded me of my Sociology lectures…2 people think differently for the same situation and the process was known as Phenomenology by a thinker Durkheim 😀 😀

    well written 🙂


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