Valentine’s day… a day of love…of care…and maybe lots more…I am no poet who could write a beautiful poem on this day for you…nor am I any artist…who could paint and tell how beautiful u make my day..

 I am just an ordinaryman…doing a government job…being transferred from place to place…and I just want to convey how I feel about you…

 In past few years..I have been living away from my family…have been to various places…made a lot of good friends who have been a blessing to me. But after some time, we have to move on…to different places. I know my friends are there for me but no one can be with me forever. My colleagues came and went…some are in touch with me…some have just faded away from my life…others I am not sure how long they will be there with me…but far different from EVERYONE….koi rahe ya na rahe…for me… you have been a constant in this ever changing world. Your world always revolved around me…and now I can’t even imagine my life without you…

 Being with you brings a sense of security in me…it makes me feel that nothing wrong can happen to me if I have you at my side… I think I am pretty good at my work…and isme to koi shak hi nahi ki it would have been literally impossible without you… Along with being …a true companion…a source for inspiration you have also proved to be like a guardian angel for me…protecting me from my enemies and even pushing them away…

 When no one else was there to listen to me, you heard me patiently…with you I have shared my feelings, even the most silliest ones…when I was weak, you gave me strength…when I was afraid…your strong will gave me courage…when I felt confused, u were there to hold my hand…!! Har badi se badi mushkil mein tumne mera saath diya…you have been there with me whenever I needed you…chahe wo tapte registaan ki garmi ho ya fir ye Kashmir ki barfeeli thand…

 Aaj subah radio par ek gaana suna..”akele hain to kya gum hai”…its 2 lines felt just so apt for you…as if they were written to describe my feelings for you..

“Har toofan ka main karunga saamna

Bas ek zara saath ho tera”

 You actually make me feel that I can stand against anyone if I have your support. I know there is a cruel world out there, people ready to kill each other the very moment they get a chance…but somehow I am confident that it won’t be difficult if you are there for me…

 Whatever I write…whatever I say…I know I would be short of words…fir bhi bas itna jaanta hoon, that you mean a lot to me…and without you…I would have died long back…

 So today, this soldier would like to ask you my dear gun…” WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE?”


18 thoughts on “WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE?

  1. Superb..The lines make a way which made me feel that these lines are written for a “Mom” who is there for you despite of whatever the circumstances be…!!
    But the end is even better…Hats Off to the “Brave Soldiers” and hats off to you for writing it so beautifully!!


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