Third Eye View…

It’s an amazing day…a day that would be marked as one of the most important days of my life…

I have never felt so calm…so peaceful!! I no longer have any worries…worries of what I will do…what i have to do…am I right…am I wrong..??

Today there is no hurry for me to wake up…let the sun rise…let my loved ones come to wake me..!! Isn’t it amazing to wake up not by some stupid alarm…but by hearing your name from your loved ones, by feeling their hand gently touch your hand…or even by your best buddies hitting u!! 😛 something I guess everybody would love..and here I am…loving this day.. 🙂

One old friend..with whom i had a fight…comes over and tells me that he is sorry and that he hates to go on trips without me…there is something missing in the parties if i am not there…it makes me feel so loved…a feeling of satisfaction comes in me..

And then he talks about all the fun our group had together…all the trouble we caused for others…as he talks more and more of my friends turn up and start unwinding those tapes…Gajab!! We indeed were trouble makers but those were some good experiences…aise experience jo dil-o-dimag mein shayad kahin kho gaye the…jinpar kuch dhool jam gayi thi…par aaj firse woh yaadein taaza ho gayi…

That’s not it…here comes my sweetheart…one whom i have been loving all this time…but who never used to give a damn…but now… now she holds my hand and tells me to continue loving her that way and what the hell…she even says she loves me..and she wants me in her life.. It definitely seems to be the best day i could have ever dreamed of..

It feels so good if someone trusts you with their tears…when someone tells you how much you mean to them… how important you are in their lives…or even just needs u to hear them out!! When they just silently hold your hand and tears roll down their cheek…no words are required and you understand it all.

And last night when i slept..I never thought that next day will bring all this to me..I actually had no idea that I might mean soo much to someone…

Aur fir tareef sunna kisko achha nahi lagta…it feels so good to know that people do remember things… woh choti choti baatein…jo lagta tha kisi ko yaad nahi hongi…log sab yaad rakhte hain…par kabhi kehte nahi the…chahe woh exams mein help karna ho…or be it helping someone at times of need…but today!! Today they are telling me how much they cherish those moments!!

Aur to aur..aaj subah se itne calls..!! even my facebook wall seems to be overloaded and am afraid ki kahin ye bhi berlin wall ki tarah gir na jaaye!! 😛 and yeah…I forgot to mention all the fresh flowers my friends and family and even the acquaintances brought for me…they really are beautiful and their scent is so mesmerizing. 

Sab kuch itna sahii..itna perfect..par fir bhi mann mein ek sawaal ghoom raha hai…sawal jiska jawab shayad bhagwaan ke paas to hoga hi…ki “WHY NOW!!??” why all this has to happen now!!?? Now when I can’t wake up how much my loved ones try…when i cant hug my old friend how much he said sorry…when I can’t hold back hands of my sweetheart and tell her that I have always waited for her and I would always love her no matter what…when I cant laugh with my friends thinking about the old time…when I can’t thank everyone for bringing me those beautiful flowers nor can I receive them with a smile..

Khair if I leave this one last question… It’s an amazing day…a day that would be marked as one of the most important days of my life…the day I died…




17 thoughts on “Third Eye View…

  1. Absolutly mesmerizin..!!! d day i died…!! dis is wat everybdy wanna see how much dere luvd ones value u, how much dat 1 spl person luvs u bak n fear losing u… how much fun u hav had wid ur frnds.. nothin can b relived.. n it keeps cumin bak as nostalgia..!!
    Apologies 4 late reply..!!


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