The First Day of Job @ Mumbai!!

0600 hours: The beginning of the day

The day began with a lot of assumptions and expectations. Assumptions about the journey in local, about time required; expectations about role allotment, accommodation availability, blah blah blah…the list seems endless…The departure from house accompanied by paying 10 bucks for 100 meters!!..then as expected..a big queue for ticket…Although the thought that this standing in line is not going to be permanent was quite a relief. But then I got my first surprise for the day: I was easily able to get in the train and there were even vacant seats for quite a lot of time!! Next surprise was almost instantaneous…the ease of getting a bus from VT to WTC..the BOD for us was although not much eventful…introduction…understanding some policies…introduction…then the most important task…getting snacks and lunch coupons…and offcourse eating… 😀 😀

Another thing that amazed me was the enormous amount of 7.5 rupees for just 3 meals in 8 hours!!!

And after all that…sarkaari office mein I never expected to find the state of art gym!! Well the exit from office was accompanied by winds and rains…and the moment I reached VT I got the feel of old hindi movies…jahan bheed mein log “bichad” jaate hain!! 😛 and actually within no time 4 of us were in 3 groups!!

Yet again it was quite easy to get a seat in the train…but as the train moved..a challenge started to emerge…challenge of getting down at right station…and I couldn’t be less proud in saying that I was able to get down at right station…although I could still feel my jaw hurting!! 😛 😛

2 thoughts on “The First Day of Job @ Mumbai!!

  1. so from all this shud i guess that ur liking mumbai?? one thing u must have realized is that the heart of mumbai is HUGE…it welcomes everybody and accomodates anybody.. 🙂


  2. Although I really hate crowd and here in Mumbai…its too much, but still one thing is for sure…people here are quite helpful and accomodating…unlike a few other cities…thus the toxicity of crowd for me has been lowered…

    So all in all….yeah…I am liking Mumbai…and offcourse there is Marine Drive and rains!! 😀 😀


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