what?? why??? blah blah blah…..

Its been a few years since i came to know about blogging. When i first heard about it…about how people “do blogging” i felt “sounds interesting… i should try it” and since then began my journey of thinking ki blog mein likhte kya hain…???? 

Since then i have read many blogs…all seem quite different…but still am unable to understand that how can someone choose a particular topic and then write a couple of paragraphs…or even pages about that thing. Though i can proudly say that i am not at the same place i was 4 years back wrt blogging…i have discovered entirely new category of questions which can be titled by one word…WHY???? why is it that people go for blogging?

Some people say that you can write your views about a certain topic…and then get the opinions of other people on the topic as well as on your views….but then what are discussion forums for? There also you write your views and you can get opinions about those views and moreover you can find the views of other people on similar topics quite easily as compared to blogs…then why do people go for blogging??

Then some people say that you can use it to write your various experiences and share them with people…well…then in that case you can always write down your experiences attach some photographs and mail it to the selected few…to people whom you give the link of your blog…or you have facebook and orkut for such things….upload your pics and write as much as you want about them…and like any other blogger…you can always keep those album open for everyone..or share it with selected few people…whatever you like….

There are people who claim that blogs are really good “tools and means” in professional and business point of view…well….umm…i guess that’s acceptable and quite logical…

Yeah 1 more reason that people give for writing blogs is “you can write your own creations and even about your achievements”. First of all not everyone is a writer, or poet or artist…and then for those who are…they can always use the services of Ray Tomlinson. As far as achievements are concerned..people can always update their status on social networking sites or messengers..and even then if they think that its gonna help someone or the simply want to flaunt about how they worked for some project for 20 hours a day…then again…EMAIL!!! Seriously…why do people doubt the potential of mails???

And then there is 1 more awesomely awesome reason…”You can maintain a personal blog…where you can write whatever you wish…whatever you feel and then keep it to yourself”. Well then if thats what they want to do with their blogs…then there are diaries..if writing a diary sounds “outdated” then there are various diary writing softwares..where one can maintain a diary in soft form..and still if there are doubts that their comp might crash some day…then there is always an option of saving a mail as draft…and then labeling a particular mail…and there it is…with you…for you…forever..

In this post..my major focus area has been “Why”…but with all due respect to both “what and “why” I would like to say that both are equally intriguing questions for me..its just that “what” is way more complicated than “why”….


2 thoughts on “what?? why??? blah blah blah…..

  1. Well, you see the thing with mail is that its reach is limited to the no. of people u send it to. Blogs are universal and anyone can read them. Social Networks come and go.. but the blogs remain.
    Problems in life are not unique and you can often get inspired from someone else's solution.. So, when you share your experience/solution on the web, in all probability, it is going to help someone you never knew, a total stranger. I hope you get the point. So, I'd say, WHY blogging? – Because Man is a social Animal !


  2. yeah well i get it…but dont u think that discussion forums can be a better option to present one's views….these forums do have a lot of posts already related to the topic…and thus it may provide a wider audience to the views!


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